Vision 20/20 Competition

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Big Data (deep insight)

What is it?

The Vision 20/20 Competition, is a fast paced and fun look into the future, done live and judged by your peers in real time. As you can perhaps tell by the title, this competition is your chance to be a Futurist, presenting your ideas about where you think the industry is going, or should go.


The format is 20 slides, of 20 seconds each, for a total of 6 minutes & 40 seconds to share your vision of the future. Think of it as a live abstract proposal, because the Grand Prize winner get's to present their ideas as a full session at RTC Europe 2017!

The topic for this year is Big Data (deep insight). We all know "Big Data" is a hot topic, but how do we make that data useful in the AECO world? How do we turn all that Data into Knowledge, what Insight is to be gained when we do, and what Impact does that have on the built environment? It's a broad topic, and the three finalists are sure to inspire us, motivate us, and maybe even startle us.

Come show us where all this data is leading us. Come share your Vision!

What are the Prizes?

1st Prize: Speakership (including registration and 5 nights accommodation) at RTC Europe 2017
2nd Prize: HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset
3rd Prize: €300 visa pre-paid card

Who can submit?

The Vision 20/20 Competition is open to all RTC Europe 2016 Attendees.
Sponsors, exhibitors and re-sellers are not eligible.
One entry per delegate only.

How is it Judged?

All entries will be reviewed by the Committee to determine three finalists. Judging criteria will be focused on the best potential as a live Vision 20/20 presentation and as an RTC Europe 2017 session. Finalists will be notified by the gold stars on your badges at signin.
The finalists will present live during the Vision 20/20 session on Saturday October 22 and the audience will vote on which presentation is accepted as a full session for 2017.

What’s the format?

File format: PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX)
Resolution (aspect ratio): Landscape 1920x1080 (16:9)
Number of slides: 20 images
Time: 20 seconds each (6 minutes & 40 seconds total)
Audio: Please record audio of your presentation, either included in your PowerPoint file, or as a separate WAV file. Audio is for review by the RTC Europe Committee to select finalists, and will be removed for the Vision 20/20 session, where finalists will present live.
Identifying information: None Allowed.


17.10.2016 16:00 - Submissions due
22.10.2016 16:15 - Vision 20/20 finalist presentations
22.10.2016 19:30 - Winners announced at the Gala Dinner
(all times WEST GMT +1)