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Conference Materials

Tips & Tricks
CPD Form
1.1BenjaminDillenburgerPrinting Architecture - Towards a Digital Building Culture---
1.2JulienBenoitPatient ZeroBIM, Business Strategy & Leadership-
1.2MarcusFichManufacturers BIM Strategy 101: Meeting your Customers BIM Requirements - From Inferior to Superior!Business Strategy and Leadership, BIM --
1.2DesireeMackeyLAB: Sloped Framing Updated for Global ParametersStructure, Architecture

1.2LeijaSecerbegovicArchitect's Next Top Model - How to Create Stunning Drawings in RevitArchitecture, BIM --
1.2Adam SheatherLAB: DynaWorks IntroductionSimulation and Analysis, Coding, Content and Customisation
1.2MikeTurpinRobClarkPhotogrammetry to Revit - Making Point Cloud Magic from UAV's and PhotosGeneral (multi-disciplines), Operation and Maintenance -
1.2JayZallanAn Illusion of Knowledge | Re-Creating Learning and Teaching Techniques in AECBusiness Strategy and Leadership, BIM -
1.3MichalDengusiakLet's Not Push Each Other Apart - SAM ModelSimulation and Analysis, Simulation and Analysis -
1.3Kevin FieldingLAB: Supercharged RailingsArchitecture, Construction and Fabrication -
1.3DavidHarringtonTop 10 Customisations to Out of the Box Revit Structure FamiliesStructure-
1.3StevenRowlandJan AnundiArman GukasyanDeveloping Participatory Culture Through Digital Immersion with ReviztoArchitecture, BIM ---
1.3MarcelloSgambelluriFamilies In Motion: New and Exciting Methods That Make Revit Families MoveCoding, Content and Customisation
1.3 & 1.4PeterKompolschekAloisSalzburgerLAB: Architects and Engineers - Songs of Love and Hate!Architecture, Construction and Fabrication --
1.4JulienBenoitLAB: DynaConstructBIM, Construction and Fabrication
1.4Rui GavinaDiogoRiberoBIM Workflows for Structural and Economic Fire Analysis of Stell and Composite StructuresBIM, Structure -----
1.4BrianRussellInteractive and Immersive Visualisation with V-Ray for RevitVisualisation, Architecture----
1.4JeremyTammikConnecting Any Desktop Application or Add-in with Autodesk Forge and the CloudCoding, Content and Customisation, Simulation and Analysis -
1.4RichardTaylorAuditing your Revit Project with Ideate ExplorerBIM, Architecture -
1.4HåvardVasshaugImpossibleArchitecture, Coding, Content and Customisation----
2.1AnthonyHauckGenerative Design with Project FractalArchitecture, Simulation and Analysis -
2.1TeaHelman JukicHrvojeJuvikSurvival in Hostile EnvironmentArchitecture, BIM ----
2.1DanielHurtubiseAnatomy of a Project DesignBIM, Architecture --
2.1JeremyTammikAll You Ever Wanted to Ask About the Revit API,The Building Coder and Other NOn-UI Revit TopicsCoding, Content and Customisation, Simulation and Analysis -
2.1MarkWieringaOwenSlootwegA Case Working Furniture for a 60,000m2 HospitalArchitecture, Estimation -----
2.1SeanYoungRendering History with Project Soane: Transforming Centuries-Old Drawings to BIM-Based Renderings and VRGeneral (multi-disciplines), Architecture-----
2.1AndrewMilburnLAB: Modular Door Families -Take a Test DriveArchitecture, BIM
2.1 & 2.2HåvardVasshaugLAB: Bad Monkey Stream: Learn DynamoGeneral (multi-disciplines), Coding, Content and Customisation -
2.2StephanieEggerLAB: Agile Energy & Environmental Performance with RevitSimulation and Analysis, Visualisation
2.2TomKyleGet Ahead Of The Game: Environmental Analysis for ArchitectsSimulation and Analysis, Architecture ---
2.2OliverLangwichModelling Bridges and Special Constructions with Revit and DynamoStructure, Civil----
2.2RalfLindemannMaximilianThumfartFlux Flow Fly – Collaboration and Realtime Feedback Loop Between Architects and EngineersBIM, Simulation and Analysis
2.2ThomasMahonComputational BIM with Dynamo: Coding in ConstructionCoding, Content and Customisation, Construction and Fabrication -
2.2AaronMallerCustomising (and Deploying) Every Piece of Software you Want, in 75 minutes.Coding, Content and Customisation, General (multi-disciplines)-
2.2RobertMannaDavidSpeharDeveloping your Own Tools; Why it Really is Worth it (and The Answer is Not Just Dynamo)!Business Strategy and Leadership, BIM -
2.3TamasBadicsFrom Inside the Factory - How we Develop Revit?General (multi-disciplines), BIM -
2.3AmritaBajwaCollaboration Strategies: Implement Specific Tools For Highly Collaborative ProjectsBusiness Strategy and Leadership, BIM -
2.3ErinMorrowLAB: Designing with CrowdsSimulation and Analysis, Visualisation -
2.3BrianNelsonAaronMallerGoing Virtual: Beck Group’s Journey into 3D Enabled Virtual DesktopsBIM, Architecture -----
2.3MatthewParkesStephenReadGlobal Attitudes Towards, and Addressing The Barriers to BIM Collaboration – Perceived and RealBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership --
2.3GlynnisPattersonCloudy with a Chance of AddendumsGeneral (multi-disciplines), BIM -
2.3MaximilianThumfartHåvardVasshaugDynamo for Rebar - Rebar Complex Geometries in RevitStructure, Construction and Fabrication-
2.3 & 2.4AdrielSimFaçade: From Conceptual to Construction using Revit/DynamoConstruction and Fabrication, Coding, Content and Customisation
2.4JoeBanksCollaboration Tools and Methods ComparisonBIM, General (multi-disciplines) ---
2.4Patrick DavisAdvanced Model Checking using Autodesk Revit Model Checker, Assemble Systems & MoreBIM, Architecture --
2.4NiallKaneMarkKingBIM Exemplar Project: Where Execution Exceeds ExpectationBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership -----
2.4AaronMallerUnexpected BIM Champions: Notepad++, Excel, and Journal FilesCoding, Content and Customisation, General (multi-disciplines)
2.4EkkoNapUrban Planning Groosman Style: Made to MeetArchitecture, Simulation and Analysis, Coding, Content and Customisation -
2.4RalphSchochMEP Family Routing NirvanaMEP, Coding, Content and Customisation ----
2.4 & 2.5PeterKompolschekLAB: What About Time? Scheduling with Revit and DynamoEstimation, Architecture ---
2.5MargaridaBarbosaOptimising Construction Monitoring Processes with Reality CaptureGeneral (multi-discipline), Simulation & Analysis, BIM--
2.5ScottBeazleyForensic BIM: Model Checking and Validation (WHAT have they given me?)General (multi-disciplines), Estimation --
2.5HrvojeJukicSandraKliskicMulti Disciplinary Design in Revit for Modular PrefabricationConstruction and Fabrication, BIM ----
2.5BrianMackeyUtilising Global Parameters for Structural EngineersStructure, General (multi-disciplines)
2.5AaronMallerAdvanced Data Calculations in Revit (Calculations on Schedule Totals without the API)BIM, General (multi-disciplines) -
2.5DavidSpeharRobertMannaIf only I knew how to Develop a BIM Training Program for Project ManagersBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership -
2.5PaulWoddyLAB: Detail like a Super Hero! Using Self-Detailing Components to Maximise EfficiencyGeneral (multi-disciplines), BIM
3.1JoeBanksLAB: Shared Nested Objects, Make your Model Light, Efficient and Easy to EditGeneral (multi-disciplines), BIM
3.1RichDePalmaTrevorWoodsWorkflow and Work Package Planning Through BIMGeneral (multi-disciplines), BIM -
3.1ElaineLeeFrom Nothing to Something & Then Compared to Something Virtually Specific: BIM Coordination, Sort ofArchitecture, BIM --
3.1BrianMackeyAdaptive Components for Structural EngineersStructure, Architecture-
3.1EkkoNapLAB: The Ancient and Honourable Art of FomulasCoding, Content and Customisation, General (multi-disciplines)
3.1RalphSchochRouting Pipe over the CurveMEP, Construction and Fabrication -
3.1ReneSchumannEfficient Data Collection for 3D Asset Model DevelopmentBIM, Operation and Maintenance ---
3.2SonnyAndalisBIM for SustainabilityBIM, Coding, Content and Customisation-
3.2JoeBanksReal Time Rendering and VR for RevitVisualisation, General (multi-discipline)-----
3.2JasonChenLAB: Family MattersArchitecture, BIM -
3.2SandraDamerauLessons From the Field: 4D Planning with BIMGeneral (multi-discipline), Construction and Fabrication, BIM----
3.2EmilEdvardsenUse Revit MEP to Calculate Flow, Energy and Secure High QualityMEP, BIM-
3.2JensKristian BirkmoseBake and Slice your Slabs from Design to FabricationConstruction and Fabrication, Coding, Content and Customisation
3.2 & 3.3HarryMattisonLAB: Advanced Concepts in the Revit APICoding, Content and Customisation
3.3ValensasBalsevičiusHow to Simplify Work with Curtain Walls and Panels: from Design to Highly Detailed FramesStructure, Construction and Fabrication --
3.3KarstenHansenSimonAndreas ArnbjergConqueror or Rebel - The BIM FellowshipBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership -
3.3PeterImbrechtsLAB: Experience True Collaboration Applying Integrated BIM and Make Information Management a Key PriorityBIM, Business Strategy and Leadership -
3.3RalphSchochWhat's New in Fabrication PartsMEP, Construction and Fabrication ---
3.3MaximilianThumfartGrevit - Let Grasshopper or SketchUp Drive RevitGeneral (multi-disciplines), BIM
3.4MartinCoyneLAB: Dynamo: Learning to Love ListsBIM, Estimation
3.4Kevin FieldingHealthy Models, Happy Team - Maintaining a Healthy Revit ModelBIM, MEP --
3.4AndrewMilburnProject Soane - Reflections on a JourneyGeneral (multi-disciplines)-
3.4GlynnisPattersonLAB: Excel 201=Beyond the (SUM)General (multi-disciplines), Estimation
3.4MichaelRamsayUsing Dynamo to Capture and Understand Model Performance DataBIM, Coding, Content and Customisation --
3.4MarcelloSgambelluriSuper Cutting Edge Revit Structural Modeling Techniques using the Structural Analytical Model and Other MethodsStructure
3.4Jay ZallanPeterKompolschek-----